Hi! I’m Chef Bobby

Restaurant, Food Service, Private Catering, Meal Prep for Children in Care

My personal hands-on experience with food service, private catering, meal prep for children in foster care, those with HIV/AIDS (i.e. multi-session healthy relationships, medication management, advocacy, and disclosure) and food preparation for church functions (i.e. anniversaries, special meals for leadership) and daily/weekly meal preparation for those in community.


Areas of expertise


  • Utilization of items from local providers to craft new, yet consistent meals within defined budget parameters (e.g. $25.00/weekly for fresh vegetables)
  • Making of soups, stocks
  • Working hand in hand with foster youth (who were used to microwave/fast food) to make meals from scratch.  Emphasizing freshness, creativity and active communication.

Weekly Meals

  • Creation of weekly menu incorporating pantry items, sale and/or coupon items while maintaining household weekly budget

Church Functions

  • Creation of meals for special church functions, taking into consideration different dietary guidelines, requirements, or restrictions
  • Portion control and budget management

Private Catering

  • Formulation of special request meals such as anniversary, engagement or graduation in private homes
  • Provision of nutritional balanced, dietary restricted meals for those with effectively living with HIV/AIDS participating in weekly multi-session educational sessions either based in social service office and/or member home


  • Have been filmed preparing a meal (from beginning to end) while speaking on matters of advocacy, community involvement and engagement.