Welcome to Alice Edna’s!!

Happy (unofficial) End of Summer one and all!

Yes, time surely flies by. Can you believe it is September? First and foremost, I want to thank each one of you for taking the time to sign-up for updates from Alice Edna’s.

As we are nearing acquisition of our full service family restaurant, which we envision becoming an anchor in the community, a destination to have positive conversation, a place that is intergenerational, a place that is radically and intentionally radically inclusive of all in our surrounding area and community at large, and a place that will be interwoven in the fabric of the community which is of service in word, deed and action.


Here are some exciting things which we be coming soon and very soon

Five Ingredient Food Challenge Corner

Alice Edna’s will post 2 or 3 items for the Food Challenge. If you choose to participate, you will be able to determine the other 2 to 3 items. The Challenge spans all cuisines, dietary considerations, and tastes and like. To make it even more exciting, the Food Challenge should be cost effective so that accessible to all. Do not forget to have sides included. Remember 5 items total. Be creative, be inventive! Once your dish is made, please feel free to take a picture of the Five Ingredient Food Challenge and upload to our site with comments about the dish, maybe your inspiration. Please note that seasonings are not included in the five items.

Video from Chef

As I am final test kitchen mode, videos will be coming showing from beginning to end the creation of somethin’! LOL, for those of you who know me, ya know I love going to the Farmer’s Market with a $20 bill, see what is there and come home and whip up a meal!!! Well, Imma let you see how I really do it!!!!

Words & Thoughts of Encouragement

There are many things occurring in our neighborhoods, communities that has provided the ground for some challenging, if not tough conversations, actions that some agree with and some do not agree with. To that end, we will be posting thoughts, words, pictures or what have you to give a space for encouragement, positivity, and perspective.


Company Core Values

Spirituality & Faith

navigation through life acknowledging a connection to a higher power, essence which yields a compass, sail, and anchor for one’s interactions on a consistent basis with all human and our furry companions and Mother Earth. This journey equips one to be of true service to others exemplifying openness, non-judgement, transparency, and being respectful of all our differences and similarities.


having practical and educational experiences that yields insight, direction, and the ability to make more effective choices, decisions and actions which capitalize on the challenges and success of one’s past journey


the ability to find a harmonious flow amongst all the “things” which require and need one’s attention and action on a daily, if not hourly basis


the ability and willingness to step out of what is “known and comfortable” into exploration, inquiry and a true yearning for new ideas, perceptions, and concepts in a proactive, productive fashion

Meaningful Work

performance of duties, obligations, and expectations in a fair, just, and equitable manner with compassion, heart, collaboration, and an eye towards building for the overall achievement and success of the individual, team, and community


Now I know many have feelings and concerns regarding the current COVID challenges here in Rancho Cordova. Be well assured that is it relates to Alice Edna’s we have a cleaning and sanitation protocol in place, that will continue to be updated, that surpasses the suggestions/recommendations of respective governmental entities. Our protocol is based on the standpoint of “Mama and Grandmama” clean, ya’ll feel me!!! Our utmost concern is for the well-being of our staff, our customers, and the community. NO process is easy, yet we will work everyone to have high cleaning and sanitation measures, protective wear for the staff (i.e. gloves and masks) as well as rigorous cleaning daily. We have tentative plans in place once opened to have a deep clean of all areas of Alice Edna’s twice a week.

Your thoughts, feedback or even questions are as welcome. Let’s build our new community of Alice Edna’s together as ONE!

In community,